Veggie galore 😍: made A LOT of veggies for the next couple days so I don’t have the excuse not to eat them. #veggies #dinner

Veggie galore 😍: made A LOT of veggies for the next couple days so I don’t have the excuse not to eat them.

#veggies #dinner
Sunday morning run 🌿☀️

Sunday morning run 🌿☀️


Bachelorette/Wedding Shower Weekend.
A weekend full of wineries and friends.
So glad I got to share in lifethoughtandcharacter's weekend.

“Sometimes I remind myself that I almost skipped the party, that I almost went to a different college, that the whim of a minute could have changed everything and everyone. Our lives, so settled, so specific, are built on happenstance.” Every Last One (Anna Quindlen)

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“It’s all messy:
The hair.
The bed.
The words.
The heart.
Life…” William Leal.     (via retratou)

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I had a great weekend in Columbus!! The weekend was full of great beer and food. We went to six breweries in Columbus, as well as, a meadery. I had my first (and second) trip to The North Market. And concluded the weekend with a mini shopping trip at Easton :)

Muskingum 14s Tournament 

#volleyball #juniorolympics #clubgoldsouth

Muskingum 14s Tournament

#volleyball #juniorolympics #clubgoldsouth


Missing Athens a lot today ❤️

#athens #ohio #bobcats #ohiouniversity


Fun Weekend :)
The weekend started Friday when I arrived home from work to see Mia and Gracie Anne at my house. My mom had requested to babysit for a little while my cousin ran some errands. We ate cupcakes, took a bubble bath, and painted fingernails. 💅💁 After they went home I had a, much needed, late-dinner-catch-up with a friend 🍸
Saturday was my volleyball team’s first all day tournament at Muskingum University. The girls did great and we came home with 4th place overall! From there it was straight to Columbus where I stayed with Steph. We met up with some other friends and went to Seventh Son Brewing Co. — good beer was definitely needed after the long day.
Sunday I woke up and went to brunch with my parents at Bon Vie. My mom and I enjoyed the day shopping at Easton Town Center and I had my first Jeni’s experience 👯 We joined with my dad for a beer at The Varsity Club before heading to The Schott for the OSU senior night game.

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